Ariel Winter Shades Estranged Mom in Mother’s Day Post

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Ariel Winter, on the red carpet May 3, made it clear that she was celebrating her sister — not her mother — on Mother’s Day. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ariel Winter’s mom probably wasn’t expecting a Mother’s Day tribute post — and she certainly didn’t get one.

The Modern Family actress, 19, paid tribute to her sister, Shanelle Gray, on Mother’s Day. The glowing message, which was posted with a photo of Ariel kissing her sibling’s cheek, made it clear that her frosty relationship with her mother, Crystal Workman, hadn’t changed.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers,” wrote Ariel. “I was lucky enough to have an unbelievable sister who raised me to be the woman I am today. I wouldn’t be anywhere without her love and guidance. She’s my rock and my best friend in the entire world. There’s no one more loving, caring, smart, and beautiful inside and out as Shanelle Gray.”

The teen went on to call Shanelle, a former soap opera actress, “the best mom, wife, sister, friend, and business woman in the world. Skylar, Parker, David and I are beyond lucky. Thank you for all you are. You are so appreciated and loved.”

Ariel and her mom are estranged. Crystal put her daughter into showbiz at a young age, having Ariel appear in commercials when she was just 4. While the brunette found big success, landing Modern Family in 2009, when she was 11, three years later, Ariel filed legal papers to have her sister become her guardian, alleging that their mother was “physically and emotionally abusive.” Ariel proved her case, because a court made Shanelle her legal guardian in 2014. In May 2015, Ariel was officially emancipated. (While Ariel and her mom are clearly still on the outs, the teen does have a relationship with her dad.)

Ariel lived with Shanelle and her family until last year. After the TV star graduated from high school, she bought her first house (a $1.5 million mansion). Ariel, who is known for her racy ensembles, recently shared that her boyfriend, who is a decade older than she is, recently moved into her house and they are officially living together.

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