Ariana Grande's Family is Glad About Her Decision to Marry Dalton Gomez

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American pop star Ariana Grande announced her engagement to boyfriend Dalton Gomez earlier this month, leaving fans surprised. However, it is not something that happened suddenly as the couple spent a lot of time together during the coronavirus lockdown and have been dating since January.

Dalton, who is a luxury real estate agent, spent time with Ariana in her New York apartment in March when the pandemic hit the US.

The couple then moved to Los Angeles where Ariana bought another house in Hollywood Hills in June, according to a report in People magazine.

An inside source revealed to the magazine that Dalton is a great guy and he is very focused on work and prefers to stay low-key. The report also revealed that Dalton likes to keep his relationship with Ariana private.

Ariana released her sixth album Positions in October which has themes of romance and love. The album became Ariana’s fifth to top the Billboard 200 charts. It is quite clear that Dalton inspired most of the songs that Ariana wrote for her recent album.

The report also mentioned that Ariana’s family is very happy with her engagement to Dalton and everyone from Ariana’s family loves him. The inside source also told the magazine that this phase of her life has been very quiet and uneventful which is in a good way and the family is glad that the two will be marrying.

In her recent Instagram posts, Ariana shared pictures from her family Christmas gathering. The pictures featured Ariana with Dalton. In another picture, the singer posed with her mother and friends. The post also showed fans a glimpse of Dalton sleeping next to one of Ariana’s pet dogs.

The singer also released her Netflix concert movie Excuse Me, I Love You this month.