Argentine woman marries twin sister's killer

London, Feb. 15 (ANI): A woman from Pico Truncado, has tied the knot in a Valentine's Day civil ceremony with a man convicted of killing her twin sister.

22-year-old bride Edith Casas' wedding ceremony was not attended by any of her relatives.

Afterwards, about 20 people threw rocks and eggs at bride groom Victor Cingolani, who is serving a 13-year sentence for killing Edith's fashion model sister Johana in 2010.

Cingolani was out on a day pass to get married and was escorted by prison guards and riot police.

Prior to the ceremony, Edith said that she wants to start a family with Cingolani as she loves him and knows that he is innocent.

The marriage was supposed to happen in December but a judge blocked it, after Edith's mother requester a psychiatric evaluation of her daughter.

But Judge Marcelina Orellana ultimately let the nuptials go ahead, ruling that there was no evidence that Edith suffered from any psychiatric disorder. (ANI)