Argentina's Guzman set to meet IMF, Treasury officials on U.S. visit - La Nacion

FILE PHOTO: Argentina's Economy Minister Martin Guzman attends a news conference in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina's Economy Minister Martin Guzman will meet with International Monetary Fund and U.S. Treasury officials when he travels to New York on Sunday, as the South American country looks to revive growth and renegotiate its debts.

Guzman, an acolyte of frequent IMF critic Joseph Stiglitz will meet with the Fund's Argentine mission head Luis Cubeddu, as well as analysts, investors and U.S. officials, local newspaper La Nacion said on Saturday citing government sources.

Argentina is facing tense renegotiation over around $100 billion in sovereign debt, including with the IMF, which will be critical for the major grains exporter as it looks to fend off a default that would hit its access to capital markets.

The trip will be Guzman's first U.S. visit since being appointed to the key economy role by center-left President Alberto Fernández, who took office in December. It will be an opportunity to share his plans for the economy and debt.

Argentina's economy ministry and the IMF did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Argentina's government sent a bill to Congress this week as part of its debt restructuring plans. The major province of Buenos Aires meanwhile is negotiating with creditors to defer a $250 million payment originally due on Sunday.

The South American nation, which slipped into crisis in 2018 forcing it to strike a $57 billion deal with the IMF, has said it wants to pay back its debts, but cannot do so without being given more time to revive growth.

(Reporting by Lucila Sigal; Writing by Adam Jourdan, Editing by Franklin Paul)