Apurva Asrani blasts Kangana Ranaut: Her game is brutal, led me to a breakdown during Simran

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Apurva Asrani blasts Kangana Ranaut: Her game is brutal, led me to a breakdown during Simran

Simran writer Apurva Asrani attacks Kangana Ranaut in a series of tweets and says that she had caused a breakdown during the filming of Simran.

Despite the glowing success of her Manikarnika at the box office, Kangana Ranaut has found herself at the heart of burning controversies again. For one, director Krish Jagarlmudi is furious with her claim that she had directed over 70% of the film. Old wounds were opened again and Simran writer Apurva Asrani attacked Kangana in a series of tweets.

Apurva Asrani and Kangana had a public falling out and mud-slinging over the writing credits during the filming of Hansal Mehta's Simran. Apurva tweeted, "You can... Hijack the passion project of a senior director Hire another director, but fire him after he's completed the film.. Claim credit as the films director.. Even have the trade & press support your evil shenanigans...but still make a flop film.."

Apurva is referring to Ketan Mehta who had announced in 2016 that he wanted to do Jhansi Ki Rani with Kangana. However, Kangana moved ahead with the character and chose Krish for the film, resulting in much bitterness.

Apurva continued his rant in a series of tweets.

He attacked Simran director Hansal Mehta as well, for keeping quiet.

Pooja Bhatt also came out in defence of Krish and tweeted an apology to Apurva.

Hansal Mehta has opened up as well. The filmmaker, who had directed Simran, starring Kangana, had kept quiet about the showdowns on set at the time.

He wrote in a lengthy post, "Many people keep dragging me into the controversies around Kangana Ranaut that seem to erupt from time to time. For the last time - Simran is a closed chapter as far as i am concerned. The past two years have been difficult, very difficult. They have impacted me financially, mentally, and physically. I am dealing with my losses in the most constructive manner possible and in the only way I know - by moving on."

In his interview, Krish had spoken about the behind-the-scenes drama with Kangana. "We argued but she wanted her own way. I just couldn't understand," he said, adding, "She is rude all the time."

Krish also said that his identity was tampered with in the credits of Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. "The first poster which bore the date, had my name. Then came the teaser, which had my name but not as Krish which I am known as in the industry including in the credit titles of my previous films. I was given a new name - Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi - which I never use," he said.

When he tried to change this around, Kangana snapped at him. "When I spoke to them about the distortion of my name in the teaser, Kangana told me 'You didn't support me in the Sonu Sood episode. Aapko abhi zaroorat hai toh aaye ho.' She told me I have anger management issues, but it was she who was shouting at me. And now after seeing the film, I see my name again distorted and now in a separate slide!" he revealed.


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