April Fools' Day Prank Goes Awry For Food Delivery Company After it Leaves Customers in Panic

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April Fool’s Day’s hilarious and unusual pranks on social media have been taking over the internet. However, some of them have gone terribly wrong and backfired. In a recent hilarious incident, when an online food delivery company Deliveroo tried to pull a prank on their customers, it went horribly wrong.

The delivery company pulled out a prank on its customers on April Fool’s Day, sending them fake confirmation emails for orders costing more than £400, leaving them startled. The customers were shell-shocked to find the bill for the food that they never ordered. They started calling customer care of the delivery company in panic. Many customers have also shared this on social media and expressed their anger against the company over their fake £400 bills.

As reported by Times Now news, some of the customers even panicked after receiving the bills and tried calling their banks to block payments as they thought their account had been hacked.Some of the customers even shared the screengrabs of their bills. One of them wrote how the delivery company “almost put me into cardiac arrest” with their prank. Another customer mentioned that he almost had a heart attack after seeing a bill of €466 for 38 pizzas that he never ordered.

The prank even led to the boycott of the delivery company as a user wrote that he invited all the victims of the very bad “April Fools” from @Deliveroo_FR to unsubscribe from their platform. Some of them already uninstalled the app.

Meanwhile, the company issued a statement on Twitter and apologised to their customers. They also confirmed that the bills were not real and it was an April Fool’s prank. To make it up to their prank, the company gave an option to the customers to order a pizza of their choice.

Earlier, a pub pulled a savage prank on an influencer who tried to score free food in exchange for social media publicity. They made him reached the nearby Police station by luring him for free lunch.