April Fools' Day 2017: Ultimate prank apps for iPhone and Android phones

Raymond Ronamai
Naked Body Scanner app

It's time to pull a prank on your friends as April Fools' Day 2017 is upon us. You can now use technology to scare the hell out of someone or cause a big embarrassment. 

There are a lot of prank apps for Apple's iPhone and Android phones you can use to fool people.

Here are the ultimate prank apps for Android phones:

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Naked Body Scanner

This app allows you to scandalise your friend with a naked pic of them. All you got to do is select chest for your friend, take photo of your friend and then place the selected chest on the photo. It can freak out your friend for a second.

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Scare Your Friends

Choose the scariest picture, add a horrifying sound, set the time and pass the phone to your friend. The scary picture will pop up on screen with a horrible sound at the set time.

Scare Your Friend app

Broken Screen Prank

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When you touch the screen or shake the device the phone will appear cracked with a loud sound. It won't harm your phone but it can scare your friend for a few seconds.

Broken Screen Prank app

Fart Sound Board

This app has many features like automatic pocket fart, explosive fart grenade, stinky fart detector, talking fart, fart shaker and several others. You can put your friend in an uneasy situation by playing the fart sound.

Ultimate prank apps for iPhone:

Fake a Call Free

You can fake an incoming call from a celebrity, police or anybody which can either excite or freak out your friend. You can choose voice and script to play when you receive the call. You can also set the time.

Dude, Your Car

You can trick anyone into thinking their car has been damaged with this app. All you have to do is take a picture of your friend's car, choose damage type, place it wherever you want it to be, and send it to your friend.

Dude, Your Car

The Scary Prank

Let your friend play a video game in your mobile phone. Then a scary monster will pop up from the screen all of a sudden. It is similar to Scare Your Friends app on Google Play.

It may be noted that most of the aforementioned prank applications are available on both Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

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