How apps like GoSuper11 are changing the country's sports industry?

Srijita Sen
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How apps like GoSuper11 are changing the country
How apps like GoSuper11 are changing the country

20 Feb 2021: How apps like GoSuper11 are changing the country's sports industry?

Launched in August 2018, GoSuper11 has revolutionized the overall sports industry in India with its unique product offering: Daily fantasy sports.

It is a platform where the excitement of a cricket match and the thrill of an online game are commingled in order to release your dopamine and give you the pleasure of not only one but both the activities.

Value creation: Why is GoSuper11 so useful?

With the rise of multiple online games and apps, sports lovers can easily stay connected 24*7 with their favorite players and can engage more with the sport they love, via the digital medium.

The industry of fantasy apps has changed the way consumers absorb sports content.

In GoSuper11, every second of every game counts regardless of who is playing and what the score is.

Instructions: This is what you need to do to get started

Download the GoSuper 11 app on your iPhone or Android devices.

Then, you will be asked to verify your phone number and your PAN card number. On verifying your phone number, you will receive Rs. 50 and Rs. 51 after your PAN card verification.

Once verified, you can start enjoying the fantasy game by logging in through the username and password created by you.

Go GoSuper11: You have created your account, now what?

After logging in and reaching the home page, select a match that you're interested to play from the list of matches displayed.

Then, select a team that will ensure your win.

Your team will have 11 players and they can represent different teams in the real world but in the virtual world, you can select any 11 players within a defined virtual credit point.

Details: The next step is to join a contest

The next step is to join a contest. You can join any GoSuper11 contest- a free contest or a cash contest.

Now is the time for you to show your skills and to brag about your knowledge of the game and the ultimate game, the game of cricket.

After this, the only thing left for you is to follow the match and enjoy it.

Details: Keep a close watch on your Fantasy Scorecard

Keep a close watch on the performance of the players of your team and see the changes in your Fantasy Scorecard. The score will keep updating every two minutes.

Now, based on your player's performance, you can earn the money.

There is no upper limit to the amount that you can earn.

It all depends upon your knowledge and skills of the game.

Procedure: How to withdraw your GoSuper11 cash?

The best thing is to get paid for the things you enjoy doing, and you can withdraw the money easily with just a few clicks.

Enter the amount of cash you want to withdraw and click proceed.

Use any of the available payment options. For instance, if you choose Paytm, you will get your money transferred from your gaming account to your Paytm wallet.

Statement: What does the founder say about GoSuper11?

"Our aim is to take Fantasy Sports in India to the next level," says Deepak Kumar, GoSuper11 Founder, and CEO.

He believes that India is a sports-loving country that deserves a platform that takes the fantasy cricket experience to the next level.

He sees a lot of potential in India and is overwhelmed by the support and the response that GoSuper11 has been getting.

Fact: Is the platform legal?

As far as the legality is concerned, GoSuper11 is registered and is a member of The Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports. It is a completely genuine and trustable platform that gives its users a fascinating fantasy cricket experience.