Applying for a new job? Here's how companies figure out if you're lying on your CV

Finding a job is challenging enough, but when your competition is beefing up their resumes with flat-out lies, it can make standing out even tougher. So in order to beef up their resumes people often stretch the truth on their resumes and cover letters.

According to Live Mint, lying in your CV to get a dream job could be futile as Indian companies have one of the world's most consistent background screening processes. Companies not only check past work record but also conducts education verification and identity check. The report further stated that according to HireRight, a global background screening company, the most common checks in 2019 included employment checks (88%), education verification (83%) and identity checks (59%). Criminal checks is at the fourth place in India but globally, companies prioritise criminal (88%) and identity checks (63%) above all else, the '2019 India Employment Screening Benchmark Report' said.

The report further states that the number of criminal (37%) and identity checks (26%) conducted in India for international candidates was significantly lower than the global numbers of 56% and 34% respectively. In addition, there also seems to be little incentive to add more checks, with half (49%) of Indian organisations surveyed having no plans to introduce new screenings in the coming months. Even the social media checks have decreased by 52%, credit history check down by 36% and professional licence checks by 9%.

How much time does it take

According to the report, a company takes around two weeks to complete an employment screening check. For example, the process to verify educational qualifications involves submitting documentation to the school for validation - this alone can take several days to be reviewed. Confirming details of previous employment can sometimes involve a physical visit to confirm the registered address, which again can be time-consuming.

Why the screening check

The '2019 India Employment Screening Benchmark Report' states that among all other countries in the world, about 80% of Indian companies conduct checks on all job candidates, making India one of the most consistent screening nations in the world.

The Live Mint report further adds that, HR professionals have said that the screening check helps them to secure better quality candidates and provided their organisations with more consistent safety and security. Some companies also believe that background checks led to a better company reputation and even helps with employee retention.