Thieves make off with $27,000 worth of products from California Apple Store

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The thief's no more in a gold rush €" >Apple products are the new fortune.

Four young men in hooded jackets robbed an Apple Store in Fresno, California as customers stood stunned. They entered the store, picked up 26 Apple devices and ran away in seconds. According to a report by abc7news, they were worth $27,000 in total.

The incident took place on 9 July, at the Apple store inside Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, and they managed to pick up "various >iPhones, the >iPhone 6, >iPhone 7 and >8, and even the new >iPhone X" in the process, according to Lieutenant Mark Hudson of the Fresno Police Department.

Here's a surveillance video by CBSNewYork showing how the group ran off of Apple products.

The thieves took just a few seconds to unplug the devices which were displayed and ran away with as many devices their cars could hold. In the surveillance video, you can see one of them in a grey hoodie, stack as many laptops as he could and run past a bunch of girls.

Police suspect that they were black males anywhere from 16 to 18 years old. One customer right outside the entrance tried preventing the men from making a dash but fell down.

"Right now we are looking for four, or five, we believe there was a getaway driver," says Hudson.

We cannot see any weapons carried by the men in the video. The Fresno police department is currently looking into this crime, to see if it is connected to any other such crimes inside or outside Fresno.

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