Apple iPhone X reportedly bursts into flames while being updated to iOS 12.1

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It appears as though an iPhone X has pulled of a Note 7 and exploded in flames.

Apple devices are always making headlines for one reason or the other, but since a while now the news has not been all that positive. While yesterday it was reported that a lot of users have found that they have been locked out of their Apple ID for no apparent reason, now it appears as though an iPhone X has pulled off a Note 7 and exploded in flames.

Twitter user Rocky Mohamadali posted pictures of his >iPhone X, which looks to have burnt up and claims that this happened while updating to iOS 12.1. The user says that the phone was being charged using Apple's Lightning Cable and Wall Adapter. The user says that the phone started heating up massively until smoke started coming out of the phone leading it to burst in flames.

Apple has responded on the tweet saying "That's definitely not expected behavior. DM us, so we can look into this with you". Rocky has updated the original tweet by saying that he has mailed the phone to Apple so that they look into the matter. The iPhone X was purchased back in January of this year.

This is also not the first instance of a major phone reportedly bursting into flames this year. Earlier in September, as per a report by the New York Post, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 kept in a woman's purse burned persistently for a long time until it was dropped into a bucket of water.

In a lawsuit filed against the Samsung, the woman claims that all her belongings in the purse were damaged. She intends to receive claims for all the damages, which are unspecified.

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