Apple Launches iPhone X at Rs 89,000, Rolls out 8 and 8 Plus Too

Big Apple Announcements:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 launched, now supports SIM for voice-calling
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus launched, coming to India on 29 September
  • Both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus get improved cameras, and bump in performance
  • Apple unveils iPhone X with edge-to-edge display, with prices starting from Rs 89,000 in India. Available from 3 November.
  • iPhone X is the first iPhone to come with Face ID, for facial recognition
  • Apple TV now supports 4K HDR, will be compatible with Netflix and Amazon Prime

Tim Cook is back on stage, talking up the gorgeous demo room, where the real work will begin for the media people now.

That’s it folks. Stay tuned to The Quint for more iPhone X (ten) stories.

iPhone X priced at $999 and available starting 3 November with pre-orders starting October 27. Available in two variants 64GB and 256GB.

iPhone X (ten) starts from $999. 
The iPhone X (ten) will be available in these variants. 

iPhone X comes with wireless charging and gives 2 hours more battery back-up than the iPhone 7.

2 hours more battery than the iPhone 7, but good enough? 

Wireless charging for all Apple devices now. The Apple Watch and the Airpods charging case.

AirPower is the charging mat for all your latest Apple devices

The new wireless charger is called Air Power. Charges all Apple gizmos wirelessly.

Funny animated emoji demo by Craig Federighi, Apple Senior VP. This is really funny!

Okay so we move on the to the iPhone C rear camera:

iPhone X (ten) gets vertical dual cameras at the back. 

Dual 12MP Vertical camera, Dual OIS, better low light zoom, quad LED True Tone Flash, portrait lighting.

12-megapixel dual sensors, but better aperture ratio. 

And, we also have Animoji (animated emojis). Great way to send emojis by tracking your face expressions.

Animoji, anyone? 

Face ID announced. Good-bye Touch ID.

Now your face is the password. Comes with True depth camera system. It has its own neural engine for face recognition!

This is how the Face ID 

Woah! This is high end stuff coming.

And you cannot use photos to unlock the phone. Apple assures that. Won’t lock if your eyes are closed or are looking away.

Live demo of the Face ID on the iPhone X (ten)

If you have an evil-twin, double secure it with a passcode.

The Face ID works with Apple Pay too. Wow, your face is now really worth something!

iPhone 10 display specifcation

Vertical dual camera,5.8” bezel-less screen,

Resolution: 2436x1125, 458ppi

First OLED display on iPhone

Super Retina display

HDR, Dolby Vision, 3D Touch, True Tone display

Finally some excitement!

Tim is back!

And its the biggest iPhone ever (not the size). It’s iPhone X (10 ).


Phill Schiller now on stage to talk about the iPhone X (ten) which gets an OLED display.

OLED display on the iPhone X (ten), let’s hope Apple’s got enough in stock. 

iPhone 8 available in 32GB, 128GB, 256GB

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB, 256GB

iPhone 8 priced at $699

Here’s what the iPhone 8 is priced at. 

iPhone 8 Plus at $799

Everything to know about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available starting from September 22 in select countries.

iOS 11 releases worldwide on September 19

New stereo speakers on the new iPhone 8 (already on other phones).

Wireless charging comes to iPhone 8. 

Now wireless charging on the new iPhones! Thank God! (Samsung with a coy smile in South Korea!)

More tweaks in the portrait mode. Portrait lighting feature in the new iPhone 8 Plus camera.

Phill Schiller, Director - Marketing, Apple Highest quality video capture in a smartphone, comes to the new iPhone 8 series.

That’s what the new iPhone 8 Plus is capable of. 

40k at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps video recording on the new iPhone 8 phones.

Augmented reality in the new iPhones. These are the first iPhones created for AR. Finally!

As expected, iPhone 8 gets a single 12-megapixel unit. 

Camera specifications: 12MP camera on the iPhone 8. All new sensor, 83% more light, deeper pixels, wider dynamic range. iPhone 8 Plus camera comes with 12MP dual sensor an optical image stabilisation (OIS).

Apple claims that the dual 12-megapixel rear camera is an improvement from the 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus announced . Finally! So that’s what we are calling it now.

Phill Schiller, Senior Vice-President Marketing at Apple is on stage.

Time to know what’s new with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

He’ll tell us more about the two new iPhones.

New A11 Bionic Processor for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

"Most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone," says Apple. The company claims it is 70% faster, 6-core CPU, 30% faster graphics.

How iPhone 8 compares to its predecessor in terms of performance. 

Tim is back! And now it’s the moment we all have been waiting for! The launch of the iPhones.

Tim Cook back on stage for the iPhone. 

Apple TV priced at $149 (starting price) will be available starting 22 September. It will be priced at Rs 15,900 in India for the 32GB box.

Apple TV prices. 

Apple TV 4K with HDR with Dolby HDR sound.

New Apple TV UI is more vibrant. The quality is wow! Images sharper than a razor!

4K content at the price of HD on the Apple TV. 
Amazon Prime will be available in 4K on the Apple TV

A lot of 3rd party content providers partnering with Apple TV. Amazon Prime one of them, as well as Netflix. Now watching Narcos on Netflix is going to be awesome.

Tim Cook is back on stage. Next up Apple TV. And Apple TV goes 4K now!

Apple TV is the next product to get its annual upgrade. 

India not on the list of the first round of Apple Watch Series 3 roll out. FYI the roll out starts 15 September. Will be available in stores on 22 September globally, and 5 October in India.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes to first-set of countries from this date. 
This is how much the Apple Watch Series 3 will cost you. 

Prices for the Apple Watch Series 3 start $249 and goes up to $399.

There’s a woman on a surf board in the middle of a windy lake somewhere miles off! She’s talking to Jeff using the Apple Watch. This is so cool!

The voice quality from the new Series 3 is really good.

New, red coloured crown on the Apple Watch

New Apple Watch and new colours coming your way.

Over 40 million songs can be streamed on your Watch. Can use your AirPods at the same time with the Watch.

Hey, do I even need the iPhone now??

Apple Watch now lets you stream music to the AirPods

The new W2 Chip delivers 85% faster Wi-Fi & bluetooth.

Features of the Apple Watch on display.

And, the watch’s display is the cellular antenna!

So we have the new Apple Watch Series 3!

Apple Watch Series 3 finally lets you make calls. 

It now has built in cellular. Now you will have to charge your Apple Watch a few more times a day!

Apple is adding the elevated heart rate alert feature. In other words, if you are having a heart attack your watch will tell you. Who needs a doctor now? This feature will be a part of an Apple Heart Study with data being collected from the watches.

Watch OS 4 makes its debut on 19 September. 

Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Apple is on stage.

More fitness-centric focus on the Apple Watch. 

He’s going to tell us what the new Apple Watch is all about.

The heart-sensor has been improved to provide accurate data. 

A multi-lingual Apple Watch video. I wasn’t expecting that.

Personally, I liked the one they showed last year.

Apple Watch now the Number 1 Watch in the World!

Who’s the competition? Rolex! Pfff

Apple Watch tops the list, but look who’s the competition. 

Product line up begins! Tim Cook on stage to present the new Apple Watch Series 3.

Tim Cook is back on stage to unveil the new Apple Watch. 

Apple showing the world how much money it has (like we don’t know already). Announces opening of new Apple stores all over the world.

Mmm... That’s a long monologue from Angela on the Apple retail stores. This is serious stuff. But nothing serious for India (not coming here).

New fancy Apple stores coming up around the world. 

Head of Apple retail Angela Ahrendts is on stage.

She talks about retail stores or town squares as they call it, that will be set up across the US. She says the existing stores get millions of visitors every year.

Apple’s head of retail announces new Apple store aspects. 

Tim brags about Apple’s new crib, the Steve Jobs Theater. Looks good.

Here’s a closer look at the campus.

Tim Cook in a blue sweater and blue jeans (handsome as ever). Can we expect a new Blue iPhone? Could be. Here he is, talking up the posh Apple Campus, set up recently.

Steve Jobs Theater marks the opening of the grand Apple Campus

How ironic to see Steve Jobs open up the theater and this keynote, and Tim Cook is on stage to take over the event.

Tim Cook, CEO, AppleWe dedicate this theatre to Steve, where Apple can share new ideas and products to the world.

Tim Cook is on stage. 

Husky man’s voice at the auditorium, “ please put your phones on silent”. It’s about to begin people!

You too, put your phones on silent and get ready.

And, looks like we’re all set for the keynote, with all the media people seated to clear up the view to the stage.

Event about to start anytime. 

Woah! The groove is on!

They are playing “Are you gonna be my girl by Jet” and some more tunes. The pre-cursor to the keynote is really building up. Apple doing what Apple does best.

I am just too excited! What about you?


We’re finally inside the arena where the Apple launch keynote will be hosted by Tim Cook.

But before that, check out our piece on how the iPhone has evolved over the years, since 2007.

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This is where the keynote will take place. 

It has been ten years since the first iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs, and it is fitting that iPhone’s tenth anniversary edition, makes its debut at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Here’s what Tim Cook, CEO, Apple tweeted a few minutes back.

Even before the official launch, there were a lot of rumours flying around. Nothing escapes our big ears! Here is our own list of what we know about the new iPhone.

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The crowd is building up at the Steve Jobs Theater and the event is going to start at 10:30 pm IST. Meanwhile, check out our rumour round-up and all that we know about the upcoming iPhones.

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Apple is all set to unleash its next generation iPhone on 12 September in the US, and reports indicate that Apple will launch not one, but three new iPhones later on Tuesday.

Stay tuned to The Quint for all the live updates from the event when Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage.

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