Get Apple iPhone 6 32 GB in India for Under Rs 30k Till March 7!

This week couldn’t have started any better for those who’re looking to upgrade to an iPhone. The Apple iPhone 6 may not be the latest in the market (that tag goes to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus), but getting it for under 30K (that too the 32GB variant) could appeal to a lot of us.

This limited offer on the iPhone 6 32 GB is available via Amazon in India, and as the product listing shows, this offer is available till 7 March only. You stand to get further discounts on the printed price, by exchanging your current phone for the iPhone 6 32 GB model.

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If that doesn’t catch your fancy, and you certainly have deep pockets to buy the latest iPhone version, then the iPhone 7 Plus is right up your alley.

We hope that Amazon has Apple’s blessing with this scheme, and offer after-sale support for this device in the country.

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iPhone 6 for Rs 28,999 will attract buyers. (Photo Courtesy: Amazon screen grab)