Apple iPhone 5 'poised to become fastest-selling gadget' of all time

Washington, Sept 14 (ANI): Apple's newly released iPhone 5 is poised to become the fastest selling technology gadget in the history, analysts have predicted.

Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg also predicted that the tech giant would sell nearly 58 million iPhone5 handsets this year.

The prediction comes after other analysts had predicted sales of as much as 10 million units of the iPhone 5 this month, Mashable reports.

According to the report, the latest estimate appears to support the prediction of FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger, who predicts Apple will 250 million iPhone 5 units over the device's lifetime.

That amounts to 144 billion dollars in revenues, or roughly three times all the revenues that Apple has made from the iPhone in its five-year history.

Berger's predictions are based on the belief that new customers in China plus existing iPhone customers looking to upgrade will prompt a huge boost in sales, the report said. (ANI)