Apple introduces ads in App Store Search tab. Hypocrisy much?

Nachiket Mhatre
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Apple introduces ads in App Store Search tab. Hypocrisy much?
Apple introduces ads in App Store Search tab. Hypocrisy much?

09 Feb 2021: Apple introduces ads in App Store Search tab. Hypocrisy much?

After pontificating about privacy and the menace of tracking ads, Apple is now deploying advertisements in its App Store app.

The ads are restricted to promoting apps within the App Store at the moment and appear in the Search tab offering suggestions whenever a user looks for apps.

However, this version is more invasive than existing ads that show up based on search terms.

In your face: Unlike existing ads, new ads aren't relevant to search terms

The existing iOS App Store advertisement model suggests apps whenever the Search function is used. Advertisers bid on popular search terms to have their advertisements relayed to users searching for specific keywords.

However, the latest development doesn't require users to enter any search term at all. The persistent advertisement is displayed whenever you head to the Search tab in the App Store.

More money: Sign of Apple bolstering revenue stream from its services

Apple is shoring up its revenue streams for the App Store through a more aggressive advertisement strategy. Launched in 2016, App Store Search ads are a growing portion of the company's revenue from the service model.

This is a sign that Apple is trying to explore additional revenue in its services business beyond the traditional 15-30 percent commissions the company imposes over app transactions.

Pulling a Xiaomi: Apple users haven't taken kindly to UI advertisements

It is a tricky proposition for a premium brand like Apple to include potentially invasive advertisements.

Apple has been trying to condition its userbase with free trials of its own services such as Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+ in the Settings app.

However, people aren't thrilled at the idea of contending with Xiaomi-style UI advertisements from a phone costing ten times as much.

Fact: The Verge's Nilay Patel reacts to invasive iOS advertisements

Premium ads: Apple's latest advertisement scheme comes across as hypocritical

This latest development is strange considering how Apple had initiated a brutal PR campaign last month warning users of the nefarious tacking ads used by competitors - Google and Facebook.

While Apple isn't at the same level, it still looks hypocritical pushing relatively more invasive advertisements through its paid premium hardware, when Facebook and Google essentially offer free services.