Apple fixes the bagel emoji with cream cheese putting a rest to the outcry

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Apple on the occasion of the >World Emoji Day revealed that it would release 70 new emojis with the coming of >iOS 12.1. But the number of emojis that Apple was serving on a platter was not what got it traction. It was creamless and popularly thought by a lot of New Yorkers as the saddest representation of a bagel. Ever.

Apple has been charged with >chargegate, >beautygate and also the one which created the most chaos, bagelgate!

Apple's Bagel emoji. Image: Tech2

Apple's Bagel emoji. Image: Tech2

If you haven't been up to date with Apple's bagel controversy and have been investing your time in a much better and productive way then here's a quick walk through the memory lane.

Apple revealed the bagel emoji €"> people hated the bagel emoji €"> Apple updated the bagel emoji €"> The End.

Apple was swarmed with complaints about how the bagel was an insult to the bagel family and should be given the kind of respect it deserved. Finally, the bagel which was supposed to be a "monstrosity", "unsavoury" looking has had a makeover even before the release in the fourth beta release of iOS 12.1.

This rectification of this atrocious mistake by Apple was spotted by Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia. The new bagel can be seen to be more fluffy with a proper toasty texture with the inclusion of cream and cheese as the filling.

As we look back in history we might see this movement, an update for Apple's bagel emoji as a part of the most revolutionary uproars. The makeover hopes to give some sort of satisfaction for all the purist bagel makers, but still, there are differing views about Apple's bagel emoji satisfying some and still leaving some to crib about.

This conversation can be seen to be as trivial, but the people who feel for it might have a different opinion about it like this might sort of be as a representation to their cultural identities. Rachel Sugar >writes in Vox that this outcry over the bagel emoji might suggest that there are people who really do feel €" on some level, even if it is tongue-in-cheek €" that the bagel does represent them in some way.

Now as Apple has fixed its bagel emoji, all of us can get on with our lives and see how many of us actually use this bagel emoji in our everyday conversations!

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