Apple factory workers are the sources of iPhone leaks, but why is the company helpless?

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Leaks start traveling in the market months before the official launch of a device. And let's admit it, we all entertain these leaks and feed off of them to predict the specs of the upcoming gadget. And if we talk about one of the biggest tech titans of the industry, Apple's devices are the most awaited devices throughout the year. Turns out, the source of many leaks of iPhones are Apple's own factory workers.

The first disastrous leak was done back in 2013, regarding iPhone 5C. It turned out that two employees of Jabil,  one of Apple's suppliers, had leaked the information regarding iPhone 5C. According to The Information, it was only after this incident that the company made its own New Product Security Team (NPS) who will keep an eye on all the suppliers and assembly partners in China.

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The report says that Apple rarely goes after the leakers with a legal case if they are from a foreign country. This is because of two reasons€" one because it is difficult to pursue it in a foreign country and two even if they go after them, it will call for a lot of media attention which is not really a smart move. Apple would not want to give out the details of a stolen component that they want to keep secret in the first place. Sharing these details with Chinese law enforcement would be necessary and that becomes a problem here.

So we can say,  the leakers are only charged with a general fine instead of the intellectual property violation charge. This is one of the major reasons that it is easy for the workers in China to smuggle the components without putting a lot of thought into it.

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