Apple’s Business Beyond iPhone Takes Off With Apple News & Pay

It finally happened. Apple on Monday, 25 March hosted a services-only event, basically to tell the world that iPhone sales are fine, but it wants to make more money from other businesses.

And to get things started, the company launched, more like upgraded its existing News and Pay platforms, with more features, more products integrated and they even launched a credit card, with cash backs for consumers! No, we’re not kidding. Most rumours suggested that Apple will announce something like this and it did.

The News+ hits Apple users in the US and Canada from today onwards, with the first month free. While the improved Apple Pay, with Apple Card will be available later this year after a software update reaches Apple users globally.

Apple News, according to Tim Cook, CEO, Apple has been the go-to service for iPhone users across the globe and now for $9.99 per month, they are promising a lot more.

The app will integrate magazines, help users subscribe to them from this one-stop app, which has been redesigned to make reading easier and find everything without any hassle.

What Apple promises with its set of services. Data privacy for users. 

Apple has got editors to curate the content, even managed to put live images of the cover image of the magazine. These are some of the perks that Apple believes is worth paying $9.99 (Rs 710 approx) per month. In terms of the catalogue, it has got National Geographic, The New York Times, Men’s Health and many more, with over 300 magazines on board.

Apple News+ caters to over 300 magazine brands. 

We don’t expect this service to show up in India anytime soon, but we’ll wait for an official word on that update later.

Next, we got an improved Apple Pay. Apple, probably for the first time spoke about cash backs (it’s calling it Daily Cash). It will be applicable in two cases; using Apple Pay, buying stuff directly from Apple. The service will be available in over 40 countries by end of 2019, but India is unlikely to be a part of the list.

Cash back and that too from Apple? It’s happening. 

With Apple Pay, the company wants to expand its avenues for money making beyond in-app purchases. Hence, it has partnered with Goldman Sachs for a Titanium card (physical one), which carries no CVV number, expiry date or even any kind of annual fees.

Apple partners with Goldman Sachs for a credit card. 

Apple Card (in the mobile avatar) is similar to Samsung Pay, letting you access all the details without stepping out of the device ecosystem. It will also help users keep a track of their expenses, all within the device. Nothing is shared with third-party players, the company reiterated multiple times on Monday evening.

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