'Throat Relief': Manforce's 'New' Adrak Flavour Condom Is Reminding Us Of Chai

Condom maker Manforce Condoms got the Internet talking after they posted about their Adrak flavoured condoms.

The condom makers are getting innovative. Flavoured, dotted, ringed, glow-in-the-dark... you get the drift.

A couple of years ago, global condom manufacturer Durex had social media abuzz after it "launched" an unusually flavoured condom in its "savoury condom range".

Of course, a few days later, it was revealed that it was only a publicity stunt by the brand to promote safe-sex among younger folks.

Now, following the footsteps, Manforce is "bringing" out Adrak flavour that has reminded Indian janta of their favourite beverage - chai.

Marketing gimmick or not, the post shared by the brand on their Facebook page has got the people talking.

And spawned some hilarious comments by Facebook users. One user wrote, "Good for deep THROAT too lmaoooooo." To which the brand responded, "All forms of throat relief guaranteed."

Don't give them ideas!

No thanks.

Last year, Manforce Condoms "introduced" the achaari-flavoured condoms which obviously never came out.

"Presenting the very Indian, Tangy and Tantalizing, ACHAARI Flavoured Condoms. Get your lovemaking to go Desi and Sexy," they wrote.