‘Can't Refund Because Hair in Food Is A Matter of Personal Taste’ Food Delivery Company Tells Man Who Found Hair In His Burger

Team Latestly
Patron was left with a bad taste in his mouth after Deliveroo's pathetic customer care service who told him that hair in food is a matter of personal taste.

Nothing can kill your appetite like finding a hair in your food. If you find one in the food you ordered, it warrants instant replacements or refunds; no questions asked! When Darren Wood saw a strand of hair in his food, he was expecting to be compensated. Not only was he denied a refund, but he also had his logic assaulted with a bizarre explanation by the restaurant.

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According to Metro, Wood had ordered a bacon cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant chain Byron through the delivery app Deliveroo. But just when he was about to eat, he saw not just one but several strands of hair on the burger. Pregnant Woman in China Finds Dead Rat in Her Soup, Offered Money for Abortion! Restaurant Loses $190Mn.

Appalled by the sight, Wood placed a complaint with Deliveroo but he wasn’t ready for what followed. The delivery company refused to replace the burger or offer Wood a refund saying that not wanting hair on his food was “a matter of personal taste.”

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Here are his tweets.

Here’s how the customer service team of Deliveroo replied: “I’m sorry to hear you weren’t happy with your order, however, I’m unable to offer a refund or credit as this is a matter of personal taste.”

As per the report, Wood was told that he would receive a £5 refund and two free deliveries, but only because his burger arrived late. He spoke to Metro, expressing his disbelief about the bizarre explanation: “It was disgusting. I do understand that these things can happen but to say it’s personal taste is hilarious.” Salt You Add in Food Has Plastic! IIT-Bombay Finds Small Pieces of Microplastic in Table Salt Brands.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo has said that they have ordered an investigation into the matter. In the service industry, such instances are quite common. It’s difficult to maintain customer trust in such cases so restaurants work hard to ensure that they don’t lose out on patrons. It’s bad enough to find hair in your food. But it’s the company’s apathy towards the customer’s valid request that is shocking.