'Speak like you advised me': Manmohan Singh to Modi

Shalini Ojha

18 Apr 2018: 'Speak like you advised me': Manmohan Singh to Modi

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in an interaction with the Indian Express, hit out at PM Narendra Modi over his silence on Kathua, Unnao rape cases.

Singh said the PM should adhere to the advice he gave him, and speak more often.

PM Modi spoke about the rape cases last Friday, prior to which his silence had drawn criticism from many quarters.

Fact: I knew he used to criticize me: Dr. Manmohan Singh

"I think the PM should follow his own advice to me and he should speak more often. Through press (reports) I know that he used to criticize me for not speaking up. I feel that he should follow it himself" (sic), said Dr. Singh.

Details: Dr. Singh talks about facing criticism for silence

Talking about criticism which he faced, the former PM said, he 'had lived with comments like these his whole life.'

However, he maintained PM Modi's failure to speak on rape cases, earlier, sent the wrong message that government wasn't serious about taking a stern action.

"I do feel those in authority must speak up in time to give a lead to their followers," he added.

Coalition partner: Mehbooba Mufti may have been pressurized, feels Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh said it's highly possible J&K Cm Mehbooba Mufti may have felt the pressure from her coalition partner BJP.

He said, "There are bound to be pressures...but if it is carried to such an extent that you can't condone the sad demise of an eight-year-old girl having been raped and kept for a week in a temple, that is the most shocking thing"

It was shocking: Reports on Kathua rape distressed the former PM

The former PM said when he read the statement of the Kathua rape victim's father (when he said how would his daughter have known about Hindu-Muslim); it broke his heart.

Calling the communal tension which escalated after the horrific disgraceful, Dr. Singh said BJP leaders were partly responsible for it.

He reminded the UPA government changed rape laws after the 2012 Nirbhaya case.

Details: Burning issues of women safety, lynching will affect 2019 elections

Dr. Manmohan Singh rebuked Narendra Modi for 'ignoring' issues of women safety, Muslim lynching. He said these issues would definitely affect the 2019 general elections.

"People are misusing the authority of government. Law and order is the responsibility of state governments," he added

He advised the centre should direct states to enforce law and order properly, and that minorities, Dalits and women aren't ill-treated.