'Clear cut case of corruption’: Rahul attacks PM over new Rafale report

Deepika S

New Delhi, October 11: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday called the Rafale deal a "clear-cut case of corruption" and accused the government of attempting to cover up the scandal.

"What was the emergency for the Defence Minister to visit France and that too in such a hurry and why she is visiting the Dassault Aviation's factory, Rahul asked.

Gandhi's criticism comes hours after Dassault Aviation rebutted a French media report that was seen to imply that the French aviation firm had been told to partner with Anil Ambani's Reliance Group.

Gandhi also pointed out the French media report that quoted the deputy CEO of Dassult saying that the company had to opt for Reliance Defence as a partner in order to get the Rafale contract.

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The report clearly says it is "Compensation for the purchase of Rafale", Rahul said.

"Anil Ambani never made an aircraft...He made the company just 10 days before the deal... The PM gave Rs 30000 cr in Ambani's pocket," the Congress president said.

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"He (Narendra Modi) is Ambani's PM. He is not India's PM," he added.

Rahul Gandhi said there is a huge cover up and the media is being pressurised. Slamming the Modi govt for not setting up a joint parliamentary committee to probe the issue as demanded by the Opposition, Rahul Gandhi said "there is no clear cut case of corruption than this (Rafale)".

"The whole India now knows that the Modi govt put Rs 30,000 cr in Ambani's pocket," he added.

Dismissing the statement issued by Dassault earlier today in which the company dismissed the French media report, Rahul Gandhi said that the company is under immense pressure and it will say what the Government of India wants it to say.

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