'Out or Not Out?': ICC Acts As a Third Umpire to Confused Gully Cricketers in Pakistan

A cricket fan from Pakistan decided to knock on the doors of the highest authority in cricket to ask for a ruling.

A cricket fan from Sindh, Pakistan, decided to knock on the doors of the highest authority in cricket to ask for a ruling.

It all started when Hamza sent out an amateur video of gully cricket (or as a Facebook user called it-- "Pakistan Village Cricket") to ICC asking them to give a ruling on whether the batsman in the video was out or not.

The video shows the ball rolling back to the stumps after the batsman decides to take a full swing at it.

And Guess what? The International Cricket Council (ICC) didn't ignore the request. In fact, the governing body of cricket acted as the third umpire and wasted no time in giving out their decision.

"A fan named Hamza sent this video to us this morning asking for a ruling," the ICC wrote on its Facebook and Twitter pages. And confirmed the "very unlucky" batsman was indeed out. "Unfortunately for the (very unlucky) batsman, law 32.1 confirms... Out! ☝"

ICC's tweet went viral with 4000 retweets while their Facebook video was viewed more than a million times.

Cricket fans from all over the world were delighted to see ICC's involvement.

"What lovely gesture from Icc. The spirit of street level cricket should carry on. ❤️And even ball knows I have to swing to wickets , I am thrown by a Pakistani bowler ," wrote one user.

"Pak bowling at its best.. ball swung even after batsmen hit it," wrote another.

The video made several cricket fans nostalgic, while others had interesting anecdotes to share. "Once in a village in Chitral, the ball got lost so the batsmen made 600 runs by running. It’s a very famous incident. Now the people of the village are known for this act."

And, if you're curious, law 32.1 of the ICC's playing conditions states: "The striker is out bowled if his wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler, not being a no ball, even if it first touches the striker’s bat or person.

ICC, please let us know.