'Mamata Still Gifts Me Kurtas': In Interview With Akshay Kumar, Modi Says He Has Friends in Oppn

Now in an interview with a daily, actor Akshay Kumar has described his emotions during his candid chat with PM Modi.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said he had several friends in the Opposition as he revealed that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, one of his harshest critics, still sends him ‘kurtas’ every year.

Modi, in a candid interview with actor Akshay Kumar, said: “It may affect me during elections but I can admit that Mamata Banerjee still gifts me kurtas... When Banerjee found out that Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina gifted me Bengali sweets, she also started to send me those.”

Modi also revealed that he never thought he would occupy the Prime Minister’s chair and had wanted to join the armed forces. “During the 1962 war, I used to see soldiers board the train at Mehsana station and would be inspired by them and their sacrifices,” he said.

When questioned about his no-nonsense demeanour, the Prime Minister admitted that he was strict but had never found any reason to be angry. He added that it was difficult for him to practice his humour as it could be misconstrued easily by “people more interested in TRPs”.

Modi, who visited his mother Heeraba on Tuesday before casting his vote in Ahmedabad, also revealed that it was difficult for him to find time for his family. “If I had left my home as Prime Minister, then I would have lived with my family. But I stopped living with them a long time ago and now this is my life. My own mother keeps asking me what can we talk about, it has also become difficult for me to find time for my family.”

The Prime Minister also addressed his retirement plans, saying he had always been a workaholic and taken responsibility so he would definitely take up some mission for himself.

On the issue of memes and social media, Modi said he followed his Twitter feed and enjoyed the creativity as it gave him a perspective into the mindset of the common man.