Here's how love bites on Delhi woman helped crack a robbery case

Sriparna Ghosh

Can love bites help crack crimes? The Delhi Police have the answer to that, and it's in the affirmative!

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In a bizarre incident that took place in New Delhi, a businessman returned home to find that it had been apparently robbed. He also found his 23-year-old daughter tied to a bed in the house.

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The businessman had gone shopping with his family and returned on Tuesday afternoon to realise that his east Delhi house had been ransacked and around Rs 2 lakh in cash and all the jewellery missing.

Victim or culprit?

The police could not find any leads despite questioning several "criminals" in the area, as well as scrap dealers and vegetable vendors. They also scanned CCTV cameras in the area but were unable to find a clue.

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However, what made the police feel that something was amiss in this robbery case was that the businessman's daughter — who was scheduled to get married the next month — bore several hickeys or love bites on her neck.

They found inconsistencies in her statement when they questioned her at length. The girl reportedly knew the people who the police suspected of being involved in the crime.

Her mobile phone was formatted, but the police went through her phone-call data and zeroed in on a man with whom the woman had been in regular contact. They also determined his presence near the house where the crime was committed.

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Why was the robbery staged

Within hours the police nabbed the accused and the 23-year-old woman's boyfriend, who has been identified as a 34-year-old Mohammad Anees.

Besides recovering all the valuable the police were also able to learn the motive behind the staged robbery.


The businessman's daughter and Anees had planned to elope after robbing cash and valuable's from her own house. It also came to light that the "boyfriend" was actually her husband as the duo had got married in 2015 and had decided to run away as the girl's family were forcing her to marry a doctor.

The accused couple has been presented before a magistrate who sent them to 14 days' custody in Tihar jail.

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