Say 'I love you' to Hindu men, Sadhvi Prachi tells Muslim women on triple talaq issue

Sadhvi Prachi is at it again.

The controversial VHP leader advised Muslim women to leave their religion and say "I love you" to Hindu men, while speaking at a gathering in Moradabad early this week.

"I would like to advise those (Muslim) sisters who are troubled by this practice of talaq, to simply leave such a religion and embrace Hinduism...Our Hindu sons will be happy to marry you, just tell them 'I love you'," she said.

Commenting on the Ram Mandir issue, she attacked Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi for his comments against the construction of temple Ram where Babri Masjid stood once.

"I would also like to tell the maulanas that if you want peace in Uttar Pradesh, issue a fatwa saying only a Ram temple will be constructed in Ayodhya and nothing else," she said.