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Danis Tanovic's Tigers opens with an international film crew trying to piece together the story of Emraan Hashmi's character 'Ayan'. It's a David-and-Goliath-like tale where a simple sales rep takes on a giant multinational company over their corrupt branding and marketing practises in a developing nation €" Pakistan. Simple enough you think, but by the end of the film, you will find your forehead scrunched over many things including if it was an act of selfless bravery or silly rose-tinted optimism to think one man's story could actually bring lasting change.

While the film makes you ask many important existential questions, here are a few that left us scratching our heads:

Why do multinational corporations always put profits before people?

While most would agree that money isn't everything, it is still VERY important. When corporations are solely motivated by profit, endangering and even sacrificing human or animal lives becomes irrelevant. Some of the largest corporations in the world commit atrocities like dumping toxic chemicals into public water bodies, employing child labour and even using poorer nations as test subjects for biochemical weapons. It's all shocking and often covert but it happens all the time. We cannot force people to grow a conscience, we can simply hold them accountable for everything they do and continue working to stop these environmentally and socially irresponsible crimes from taking place.

When you see something wrong but stay silent, are you guilty too?

Silence is not always golden. There comes a time when silence is akin to cowardice. While it may or may not be legal, no ethically sound person would think that it is right to stand by and watch innocents suffer or die so that the rich can get even richer. The right kind of education tells us always to speak up for those who have no voice or are unable to speak for themselves. It might be the only thing that stands between life and death for them. While speaking up can be the truest test of humanity, silence can easily be seen as complicit agreement, don't you think?

Would I ever stand-up for what I believe is right?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Silence becomes cowardice when the occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly." But that was a different time and a wholly different set of circumstances, right? We think, not so much. Ethics are absolute and that's where it becomes really simple. Sometimes right and wrong are too clear to deny.

But whether you can stand up for thousands of poor mothers who are being deceived by their healthcare professionals or sticking up for a co-worker who is getting bullied, it takes guts and a trust in the system of justice. The easiest way to understand the importance of standing up for those less fortunate than you is to truly empathise with another human being. What will you do next? Why only YOU can answer that!

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