What will you get by killing us? Kerala couple asks after receiving death threats

Few months after the infamous honour killing incident in Kerala, a newlywed couple in the state have complained that they are facing death threats from extremists groups. The incident came to light through a video uploaded by the couple on social media.

The groom Harrison, a Christian, married Shahana a Muslim girl last Monday. However, the couple has allegedly been facing death threats from extremist organisations including the Social Democratic Party of India.

In the video uploaded on Harrison's Facebook profile, the couple narrates their ordeal. "We got married a couple of days back and I've uploaded the photo as my profile picture. But after that, we have been facing a lot of issues. An organisation named SDPI has been threatening us. They are saying that they will kill us, I cant even contact my parents. Finally they told us they will even kill my parents and sister along with us. We can't even go to the police station. We don't know what to do".

"We never thought about our religion or caste while we were in a relationship or during the marriage. But now my family is saying that they will kill us along with his family. I'm a Muslim and he is a Christian, we never forced each other to change our religion. I want to live with him and I don't want to die, what are you going to get by killing us?" asks Shahana in the video.

The video ends by Harrison saying that he doesn't want to end up as a news in the paper like Kevin, shedding light on the fate of a 21-year-old boy who was allegedly killed by his bride's family after their marriage.

Though the video has gone viral on the social media the local police is unaware of any such incident.

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