'Gone Too Far': Amul's Latest Cartoon on Serena Williams Leaves No One Impressed

Amul's latest cartoon which covers the US Open final controversy has not gone down well with the internet.

The US Open 2018 women’s final match made more headlines over tennis-player Serena Williams' verbal spat with umpire Carlos Ramos than Naomi Osaka's first Grand Slam. And not wanting to let any trending news pass by (well, almost never), Amul has finally published a cartoon based on the infamous fight.

While heated debates between tennis fans continue on social media, with some supporting Serena, and others criticising the tennis star for her behaviour on the court, Amul decided to not miss the opportunity.

But Amul's cartoon has clearly not gone down well with Twitterati.

#Amul Topical: Ms William's tantrums in US Open finals! pic.twitter.com/h7ktYRhSu5

— Amul.coop (@Amul_Coop) September 10, 2018

First time #Amul did a misfit Ad ... Disappointed ... it wasn't a tantrum because that was not child's play !! #serenawilliams @Amul_Coop https://t.co/woaZXRv1TS

— Suzanne Bernert (@suzannebernert) September 10, 2018

Very disappointed to see this post. Least expected.

— పినవ (@pnvarma) September 10, 2018

May be for the first time by Amul....👎

Need boost for @Naomi_Osaka_ ...

— Ajay Magar Patil (@aamagar1703) September 10, 2018

That was i#uncalled for amul...😡

— Meenakshi (@nair_meenu) September 10, 2018

First tym I m not happy with ur this kind of edit..... Highly disappointed...

— 💃💃💃💃💃shiefali....💃💃💃💃💃 (@GuptaShiefali) September 11, 2018

Not this time Amul. Coaching? May be yeah, but taking away her point calling verbal abuse, not so much!

— Sandhya Uma Shekar (@iyerishcoffee) September 11, 2018

This is so disrespectful and utterly out of line Amul

— Love, Sai(mon) Ram (@ZanyAnomaly) September 11, 2018

He he... Are u mad... She is tennis queen.... She is not throwing tantrums... Pls pull this back....

— 💃💃💃💃💃shiefali....💃💃💃💃💃 (@GuptaShiefali) September 11, 2018

Not nice Amul you've blown it this time... Pls pull this back 👎

— Kannan Hariharan (@KannaHariharan) September 10, 2018

I love you Amul. But this is BS. Male players who act the same way are not penalised because they are just considered ‚passionate sportsmen‘ with a fighting spirit.

— Simi B Good (@SimiBGood) September 10, 2018

Wrong one this time Amul. Calling her protest a tantrum is demeaning.

— कोशिश ग़ज़ल (@KoshishGhazal) September 10, 2018

Done in a very bad taste.

— Balaji A (@balajiabayan) September 11, 2018

The Internet has been calling out several other cartoons published by various media publications for their racist, if not an insensitive portrayal of Serena Williams. Amul just joined the bandwagon.