'Educating Girls a Waste': Kerala Congress Leader K Sudhakaran's Sexist Campaign Video Draws Flak


Earlier this year, Congress leader K Sudhakaran had launched a scathing attack on the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan by claiming that he was "worse than a woman." Because, of course, being a woman is the worst possible thing you can be. And for years now, statements such as "like a girl" or "like a woman" have been used as insults.

While sexism is rampant in politics, the Congress leader has crossed all limits with a cringe-worthy ad that demeans women politicians and emphasizes that Kerala should "vote for the man."

This is not the first time Sudhakaran has made such offensive remarks. Remember his "prostitute" comment in the Suryanelli trafficking case? But this time, he seems to have outdone himself. This time, he has come up with a ridiculously sexist campaign video depicting a family dynamic which is sadly the reality in numerous households across the country.

Before you watch the ad, let us remind you, the year is 2019 and women have the right to vote and even contest in the upcoming elections. Irrespective of how unbelievable and unfair it seems to Sudhakaran. Let us also remind you that Sudhakaran has been posing and clicking pictures with female voters. Little do they know.

The video shows a man and his friend discussing the former's children asking for a share of his property. The daughter serves the two tea, while the son stomps in, lashing out at his sister for not completing a task.

The man, who is evidently the patriarch, then tells his friend that his daughter is incapable of communicating effectively with others and it was a "waste" educating her. The man's friend agrees with him and says that the son would be better suited to the role. Because clearly, only men are capable of achieving their goals!

What is more alarming is the fact that the daughter smiles submissively at the end, without uttering a word. After all, that's exactly what an "ideal woman" is supposed to be - fragile, timid, submissive.

The ad is clearly a jibe at his rival, PK Sreemathy of the CPI(M). Through the video, Sudhakarn wants to emphasize that sending a woman to the Parliament would be a gross mistake, and that a man would do a better job.

The video has drawn flak from people around the country, with hundreds calling him out for his sexist comments. Thousands have shared and disliked the video, with some even asking for it to be removed.

This is the ad that has taken social media by storm:

In simple words, women, according to Sudhakaran, have no place in politics. Maybe someone would like to remind him of the remarkable female leaders in his own party?