This 'Dabangg' woman auto rickshaw driver's story will make you tear up

Madhuri Adnal

Mumbai, July 09: In the age of social media, we come across stories of bravery, grit and hope that touch our hearts in a way that they end up leaving a mark on our lives.

While some stories rip us apart, others make thus rethink about our lives. And recently, popular Facebook page, Humans of Bombay known for telling compelling stories to the forefront, has posted a story about a woman auto rickshaw driver who stood for herself while she was striving to live a life of dignity.

The viral post tells the story of a woman - identified only by her first name, Shireen - who built her life up again after dealing with a broken marriage and losing her mother and her sister.

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"I was born into a conservative and poor Muslim family," says Shireen in her Facebook post, going on to talk about the breakup of her parents' marriage when she was 11. After her mother remarried, she was taunted for it by a group of men, which eventually led to her committing suicide. After her mother's death, Shireen also lost her sister.

Read Shireen's entire story here:

Shireen believes that women can do what they want to and need not take other's approval. Her inspiring story of determination and resilience has touched a chord with netizens, who have flooded the comments section with good wishes for her. We att OneIndia too wish and pray for her as she reaches the heights she desires to.

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