What's common to Paul Pogba and the Congress? Neither of them know when 'achhe din' will come, party claims

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Paul Pogba's fine form for Manchester United this season is evidence that post-World Cup hangovers are as much mental as physical, according to the club's manager Jose Mourinho.

Two days after the FIFA World Cup came to an end, with France emerging victorious, a video of French footballer Paul Pogba emerged on social media in which the midfielder was seen goofing about at the post-match presentation ceremony.

Two days after it was the video surfaced, it was used by the one entity as far removed from the FIFA World Cup as any: The Congress party. And it was used to highlight an issue as far removed from football as any: The BJP's promise of achhe din.

The Congress party posted the video from its Twitter handle and said it's how people of the country react when they are reminded of achhe din.

Achhe Din was a slogan coined by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha election when it was projecting an India under Narendra Modi. It had purportedly said after 10 years of Congress rule, India was finally ready to welcome good times ahead.

But with India's economic woes seemingly continuing, the Opposition has since used the same slogan to taunt and criticise the BJP on various issues.

The Congress' tweet was just the latest in a long line of such barbs directed at the ruling government. And given how quickly it went viral, it seems to have struck a chord on social media as well. In the short time since it was put up on Thursday morning, the tweet had managed over 5,400 Likes and was inching towards 2,000 retweets as well.

And while we aren't sure about what levels of awareness Pogba possesses regarding the Indian political situation, we are hoping he'd be a little more clued in following this exchange, for the Congress' tweet tagged the Manchester United playmaker for whatever it's worth.

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