'Chest infection, on antibiotics': Tharoor dispels 'disappearance' rumours

Deepika S

New Delhi, Nov 7: Responding to rumours that he had 'disappeared', Tharoor on Tuesday issued a clarification stating that he has been bed-ridden and recovering from a "bad chest infection".

"For all my hyper-imaginative friends reading political motives behind my 'disappearance': I am in bed with a bad chest infection, on antibiotics, and have been advised a few days' complete rest. Have cancelled all functions for three days...Please don't listen to rumours," Tharoor tweeted.

Tharoor said he was advised to take rest for a few days, adding that he has cancelled all scheduled events and is not responding to phone calls. He also urged people not to believe in brewing rumours about his low-profile in the media in recent days.

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Tharoor further posted on Karnataka by-poll results saying, "Terrific news from Karnataka" after the Congress-JD(S) alliance won four out of five seats that went to bypolls in the state.

A couple of days ago, with the Ram Mandir movement gathering momentum, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has said no Hindu text condones the use of violence to get one's way and scriptures say people should build Ram in their hearts.

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"In fact, if anything, there is a scripture that says build Ram in your heart. And if Ram is built in our heart it should little matter where else he is or he is not, because he is everywhere," Tharoor said in an exclusive interview to PTI.

The Congress MP was responding to a question about his recent remark that no good Hindu would want a temple at the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid site.

Tharoor reiterated his point asking if a good Hindu would want to build a Ram Temple at the expense of an act of violence.

"My only point is, would a Hindu have wanted to build such a precious place at the expense of conducting an act of violence. A good Hindu is a law-abiding Hindu. A good Hindu is someone who has 'insaaniyat'," the Congress leader asked.

He went on to argue that while a good Hindu was also obviously somebody who worshipped and believed in his worship, Hindu scriptures do not allow the use of violence to have one's way.

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