Apologize or face Rs. 100 crore defamation-case: Ali to Meesha

Shalini Ojha

Apologize or face Rs. 100 crore defamation-case: Ali to Meesha

26 Apr 2018: Apologize or face Rs. 100 crore defamation-case: Ali to Meesha

Pakistani singer, actor Ali Zafar sent a legal notice to colleague Meesha Shafi asking her to apologize to him on Twitter, for leveling sexual harassment allegations against him.

According to the notice, if Meesha failed to apologize within 14 days of receiving the notice, Zafar's team would slap a Rs. 100 crore defamation case against her.

However, Meesha's counsel called the legal-notice baseless.

Fact: Here's what is written in the legal notice

"If you fail to delete the tweet and issue an apology based on Twitter within 14 days of receipt of the legal notice, we have definite instructions to seek remedy for redressal of his grievance and claim damages to the tune of at least Rs. 100 crore," read the notice.

"Meesha is right": Meesha's counsel dismisses the legal notice

Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Pansota said Meesha's allegations on Ali Zafar are absolutely true, so there is no question of a defamation suit.

In the notice, Ali Zafar's lawyer slammed Meesha Shafi for using the global #MeToo movement for her 'fictional story'.

"Our client has never sexually harassed you neither has he ever had any intention of sexually harassing you," the notice added.

"Meesha is lying": Aqsa Ali, Kanza Munir lend support to Ali Zafar

Two singers Aqsa Ali and Kanza Munir, who were supposedly present at the jam session where Meesha Shafi was allegedly harassed, slammed her for demeaning the #MeToo movement.

"I am astonished that she would take a lie to this level which so many of us can prove wrong," Ali Aqsa said.

Kanza said people should not take the #MeToo movement for granted.

Backstory: Last week, Meesha accused Ali of sexual harassment, he denied

Last Thursday, Meesha Shafi wrote a long post on Twitter accusing Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. She wrote she was abused despite being a powerful and opinionated woman.

Replying to her allegations, Zafar wrote he denies the allegations and would take it to the court. He also said he supports the #MeToo movement.

Now, let's see what turn this case takes from here.