Uttar Pradesh Driver Skips Ramzan Fasts to Perform Last Rites of Orphans

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While people are turning their backs on each other during the difficult times of Coronavirus, a person from Sangam city of Prayagraj is proving to be the Messiah by helping the needy people. Meet Faizul, who is not able to keep fasts during the holy month of Ramzan just to help people with the last rites of their loved ones. Faizul is not only providing free hearse car services to the poor and needy amid the Covid-19 pandemic but also lending a helping hand to conduct the last rites of orphans. Although Faizul himself is from a humble background, the driver has been providing vehicles to ferry dead bodies of Covid-19 patients free of cost.

Faizul, who lives in Atrasuiya area of Prayagraj, has been working for the last 10 years to provide vehicles to the dead bodies of the poor for free, but during the difficult times of Covid-19, most of his time is spent in helping those in need. As soon as he gets a call, he is on the move with his vehicle. He never asks anyone for money, but accepts if someone offers money at their own discretion.

The second wave of Covid-19 has led to widespread shortage of both ambulances and hearse cars and some are being charged exorbitant prices for the same. At such a time, Faizul has emerged as a true Covid-19 warrior by not only ferrying dead bodies for free at great personal risk but also lending a hand in performing the last rights of orphans.

Faizul, a five-time Namazi, could not keep fast in the month of holy Ramzan due to his work. "I am skipping my fast just so that my work is not affected. I am apologizing to Allah in my prayers for skipping my fasts this time," said Faizul who has made the task of carrying dead bodies free, the motive of his life.

In order to keep fulfilling this purpose, he has not even married. "If I get involved in worldly things then my work may be interrupted, so I don't want to get married," said Faizul who used to transport dead bodies on a cart earlier, but later bought a vehicle after loaning money from banks and acquaintances.

Faizul’s friends and neighbours are full of praise for the good samaritan. While many who lost lovedones recently have reported having to wait several hours for hearse cars to arrive, Faizul rushes to the spot as soon as he gets information. At a time when many are looking for opportunities to scam others, Faizul has turned into an overnight messiah for some people by helping others without expecting any return.

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