Anytime Gadget Debuts Hilarious Emoji Bobble Head for Fun Driving

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Your daily commute to work just got a lot more scenic. Online gadget and accessories store, Anytime Gadget, recently released its Funny Emoji Head Doll, and people can’t stop talking about it. The doll features a spring-attached bobble-head that comes with various fun emoji faces. Need to quickly elevate the level of “cool and funny” in your car? You should grab a few of these Funny Emoji Head Dolls for the road.

Bobble-head dolls have made great traveling companions for several decades since good ol’ Bob (the first bobble-head doll) found a life and calling. Till today, they continue to provide great conversation on long, boring commutes; and are even known to throw in a quick sagely nod at just the right moments in your conversation (that’s not just the head bobbing, is it?)

Apart from being the best possible road-trip companions, Anytime Gadget’s emoji bobble-heads also make a good impression as party favors. As the company intimates, these dolls are “perfect for kids’ party favors, especially emoji themed parties.” You can really experiment with this one as there are tons of popular emoji expressions, including the cool sunglasses look, warm smiley faces, expansive grins, and a range of funny expressions kids will love.

The dolls have no need for batteries, unlike many bobble-head dolls around. The spring mechanism attached to the head creates a magnificent bobble all by itself, and since there are no batteries involved, it’s essentially a “one and done” experience. The company prioritizes comfort, fun, and stress-free driving. So you don’t have to worry about when next you have to change the batteries or that a forgotten pair will go bad in the doll.

Whether you want the bobble-heads for your car dashboard, as a companion in your RV, or as a party favor, you’ll find a load of hilarious, curious, and side-splitting expressions that you and your loved ones will enjoy (at least 14 at last count). Just check these guys out.

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