Anurag Thakur On 'Goli Maro' Chants At Poll Rally: 'People Reacted. What Can I Do?

Meryl Sebastian
Anurag Thakur

BJP leader and Union minister Anurag Thakur who encouraged incendiary slogans at an election rally in Delhi on Monday, seemed to place the blame on people, saying he had only asked a question to which the crowd had responded.

At the rally, Thakur, the minister of state for finance, shouted “desh ke gaddaron ko” to which the crowd responded, “goli maro saalon ko” (shoot down the traitors).

The Delhi CEO Office has sought a report from the North West district’s election officer in connection with the rally during which Thakur egged on the crowd, officials said.

The incident has triggered a row, drawing sharp reaction form the Congress which demanded that the Election Commission (EC) take action against Thakur.

Delhi is set to vote for its 70-member assembly on February 8. Thakur was addressing a meeting in support of the BJP candidate from Rithala, Manish Chaudhary.

Videos of the incident show Thakur did not merely ask the question, he raised his hands and clapped them in encouragement as the crowd responded with ‘goli maro’ several times.

Thakur linked opposition parties with anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh and with alleged anti-India slogans.

The minister later told Indian Express that he had merely asked people what should be done with traitors of the country. “I just wanted people to say what is to be done with traitors of the country. It could have evoked a response like ‘vote them out’ or ‘throw them out’. But it was the people who reacted so.”.

Candidate Manish Chaudhary backed Thakur saying: “Anuragji just said, desh ke gaddaron ko.”

Thakur clarified to Express that he had meant to ask people to stay away from “those who want to break the country into pieces”.

Here’s what he told the daily:

“It was the people who wanted the traitors to be out. What I was asking people whether they wanted to support those who stand with the Shaheen Bagh protesters or the tukde tukde gang. While (AAP leader) Manish Sisodia declared his support...

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