Anupam Kher: 'I am one of the pioneers of breaking this myth of typecasting'

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher speaks to HT City Entertainment Editor, Monika Rawal, about how 2020 gave him a lot of time with himself to "take a pause, reflect and reinvent myself." He admits while he was fearful when this pandemic started, he kept looking for silver lining in dark clouds. "We realised a lot of things in this pandemic and lockdown. We don't give importance to a lot of things and we keep chasing after needless things," he says talking about his initiative AntarAKtnow and Are You Fine challenge. "It just takes a smile to make someone happy. This challenge is to reach out to people who we've taken granted in life," Kher shares. The actor also looks back at his acting journey of the last four decades, coming from a small place and making it big for himself. "Millions of people come to Mumbai to try their luck not just in films but otherwise also. So, I'm just thankful and humbled," he muses, adding, "When I look back at my journey, I'm so happy it has its ups and downs and roadblocks because that's where you find horizons." Hoping that he has another 25 years to spend in the film industry, he shares, "Now I feel comfortable as an actor, because I don't have to approach everything with an intent to prove myself. Also, today audiences are happy to accept people for their performances, not just how they appear." The actor also talks about wrapping up the shooting of Kashmir Files, social media negativity and whether it's important or not for celebrities to speak up on important matters.