Anup Jalota Rolls Up His Sleeves To FOIL Paras Chhabra's Marriage With Jasleen Matharu; Headed To Meet The Girl's Father- EXCLUSIVE

Paras Chhabra wanted to know what makes Anup Jalota unhappy if Jasleen wants to marry him in the on-going show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.  Well, for Paras' infofmation, Jalota is now headed to meet Jasleen's father.

You see, Anup Jalota is seriously concerned about Jasleen Matharu's future especially after he realised what Mujhse Shaadi Karoge is all about. "Jasleen had a word with me before going, but we didn't speak about the details of the show and so I certainly didn't know that Paras Chhabra is the guy who's planning to marry one of the contestants.  I haven't seen him on Bigg Boss 13 as I don't see that show despite having participated in it. So I wouldn't recognise Paras if I was to ever bump into him; I have not even read about him or seen his pictures. But I have heard about him and whatever I have heard, makes me deeply concerned about Jasleen's future if she ends up marrying him."

And what has he heard about Paras?  Jalota says, "I have heard about how he changes girls, so you see going by that, his track record shows no loyalty."

"My concern stems from the fact that I have been Jasleen's teacher. It is a teacher's duty to protect his/her student," Jalota explains why he intervened. Paras, have you tuned in?

And yeah, back go the latest. Jalota says he's headed to meet Jasleen's father. "I need to have a long word with him," he says.

The senior ghazal maestro was allegedly involved with Jasleen but he and Jasleen had categorically denied the buzz, saying it was all naatak for Bigg Boss.

image source:-instagram/jalotaanup/jasleenmatharu/parasvchhabrra

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