Anup Jalota Controversies: Did You Know Anup Was Married Thrice & He Was Accused Of Casting Couch?

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Anup Jalota is famous for his devotional music, bhajan and the Urdu form of poetry, ghazal. He is known for his song 'Aisi Laagi Lagan'. Popularly known as the Bhajan Samraat, the 65-year-old was conferred with the Padma Shri in 2012. He has earned a record number of 100 certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum discs. The bhajan singer shocked his friends and fans by entering the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 12.

The reputed singer has a controversial past. Read on to know when the actor grabbed headlines!

Anup Was Married Thrice – His First Marriage

Anup's first marriage was without his family's approval. He got married to a Gujarati girl, Sonali Sheth, while she was still a music student. Apparently, the couple became popular in the concert circuit as "Anup and Sonali Jalota".

Anup’s Second & Third Marriages

# His second marriage was an arranged one to Bina Bhatia, but that soon ended in divorce.

# He later married Medha Gujral, niece of former Indian Prime Minister IK Gujral and director Shekhar Kapur's first wife whom he had divorced in 1994. The couple has a son named Aryaman (born in 1996). Medha Jalota died at a hospital (following a second heart and first kidney transplant) in New York City of liver failure on November 25, 2014.

Rina Accused Anup Of Casting Couch

Rina Golan came out with a book - Dear Mister Bollywood: How I Fell in Love with India, Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan, that was circulated at the MAMI Festival in 2010. According to a report on Masala, "The New York based struggling actress made shocking revelation that Anup would take special care of her and in return he would ask her to keep him company wherever he went, even if it was at the oddest hours!"

Rina Revealed Anup Had Expressed That He Was Tired Of His Wife’s Illness!

"Reportedly, Anup had even bluntly expressed that he was tired of her illness and wanted to run away. According to Rina, Anoop called her his 'good friend' and even told her that he was 'thinking about cheating on his wife'." Although Anup didn't deny knowing Rina, he issued a statement refuting her stories.

Love For Liquor!

While talking to mid-day, as he was getting ready for a slew of acting roles, he had said that he is bored of being seen as a saint. He had said, "I don't believe in doing anything on the sly. I love wine, and I have no qualms sipping it in front of you."

Anup Is Dating His Student Jasleen

As Jasleen and Anup made their relationship official on Bigg Boss, many on social media trolled the couple. Many even felt them fake. Jasleen had said in the promo (of Bigg Boss) that the announcement would shock her parents.

Jasleen’s Father’s Reaction

Recently, her father reacted to Jasleen's announcement. He was quoted by New18 as saying, "This news was a shocker for me as well as for my family. However, I don't want to comment anything on her personal life till I meet her. She is on the Bigg Boss 12 house and want her to stay positive and emerge as the winner of the show."

Anup Was Replaced By Om Swami!

Apparently, Anup was approached two years ago by Bigg Boss makers. Apparently, at the last moment his dates could not be worked out and Om Swami was roped in instead.

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