Antigua PM Gaston Browne on missing case of Fugitive Businessman Mehul Choksi | Exclusive

Fugitive Businessman Mehul Choksi has now gone missing from Antigua. He is wanted by several agencies in India and accused of PNB fraud. Central Bureau of Investigation has also taken report of missing.

Times Now speaks to Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne on the missing case of Fugitive Businessman Mehul Choksi.

Antigua PM Gaston Browne responded saying that Antigua has shared details with Interpol as well as regional and international police in their efforts to trace the missing Indian economic offender.

"If Mehul Choksi has fled the country as speculated, it would have been by a boat because (there is) no aircraft with any flight plan (to Cuba) and any passenger by the name of Mehul Choksi would have been found by the authority,” Browne told Antiguan parliament. Watch!