Anti-nationals, Modi opponents unleashed anarchy in Delhi: BJP

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Dehradun, Jan 27 (PTI) The Uttarakhand BJP on Wednesday said anarchy unleashed on the streets of Delhi on the Republic Day in the name of farmers' agitation proves that anti-nationals and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's opponents have joined hands.

State BJP vice president Devendra Bhasin also targeted Congress' youth wing for a tweet in which it had tried to “glorify vandalism' at the historic Red Fort.

'Under the pretext of this agitation even Pakistan and some other forces are playing their anti-India game. The anarchy on the streets of Delhi on the Republic Day in the name of farmers' agitation proves once again that anti-nationals and Modi opponents are hand-in-glove,' he said.

Bhasin condemned Pradesh Congress's youth wing for trying to “glorify vandalism' at a time when the entire country was outraged over the incident at the Red Fort and said it reflects the party's 'anti-national thinking'.

He Said the tweet by the youth wing has been removed by the party after it drew flak but it has exposed its mentality for which it must apologise to the people of the country.

Alleging that elements opposed to the resolution of the farmers' issues at any cost had entered the agitation long back, Bhasin said it was responsible for the continuing deadlock between the peasants and the Centre despite the latter's “flexibility and positive attitude” displayed during the negotiations.

'It is beyond doubt now that non-farmer elements conspiratorially entered the farmers' agitation. While some of these elements are anti-nationals and separatists, some are staunch Modi opponents including the Congress and the left parties,' the Pradesh BJP vice president said.

Wielding sticks and clubs and holding the tricolour and union flags, tens of thousands of farmers atop tractors broke barriers, had clashed with police and had entered the national capital from various points to lay siege to the Red Fort on Tuesday. PTI ALM AQS AQS