Anti-lockdown business protest in Kyiv leaves 70 people injured

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Kyiv [Ukraine], December 20 (ANI/Sputnik): Seventy people have sustained injuries of varying severity as a protest of entrepreneurs in Kyiv against the coronavirus-related lockdown grew into clashes with the police, Sergey Dorotich, the head of the Union for Entrepreneurship Protection public organization, said on Saturday.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs took to the streets this past Tuesday to protest against the government's decision to impose a coronavirus-related lockdown from January 8-24 and extend the nationwide state of emergency until February 28. They tried to install a tent near the government buildings in downtown Kyiv but were prevented from doing so by the police and the national guard. Clashes ensued. The police said 40 officers had sustained injuries.

"With regard to the 40 law enforcement officers -- it is a joke. Those were 40 law enforcement officers who wore bullet-proof vests and helmets, arrived in police vans, and were equipped with batons and handcuffs. We have 70 people injured. One woman had her eye beaten out, she will remain disabled. She underwent surgery, as her retina was damaged and her jaw and nose were broken in three spots. We have 70 people with injuries of various nature," Dorotich told the Ukraina 24 broadcaster.

The state of emergency and the nationwide Ukrainian quarantine, with restrictions relatively looser than a lockdown, were supposed to expire at the end of December.

The lockdown announcement came on December 9. The Ukrainian government ordered the closure of all schools and other educational institutions, markets, entertainment businesses, and cultural sites. Food businesses will be allowed to work for takeaway orders only. All mass public events will be banned until January 24. Only stores trading essential goods and services, as well as kindergartens, will continue to work through the restrictions.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs continue to protest. (ANI/Sputnik)