Anti-CAA Protest in Bhopal: Iqbal Maidan women to send black flags, letter to BJP & opposition in UP

Bhopal: Women of Bhopal have come together to fight against the oppression of protestors in Uttar Pradesh by the state police.

Women staged a protest at Iqbal Maidan in the city on Saturday. One of the protestors told Free Press they would send a letter and a black flag to the opposition parties and the party in power there.

The black flag would act as a reminder to their duty as opposition, she said.

The women raised slogans and gave speeches against the violence catered by the UP police on the silent and peaceful protestors.

Protestors said the opposition should wake up from their Kumbhakaran-like sleep and discharge its duties.

Uttar Pradesh has become a fort of terror amid lawlessness and anarchy by the Bharatiya Janata Party government, she said.

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