The many faces of Anoushka Shankar

Who is Anoushka Shankar?

A sitar player and composer, Anoushka Shankar, is counted among the leading figures in World Music today. Daughter of the legendary sitar player Pandit Ravi Shankar, Anoushka began her musical journey under her father’s guidance at the age of nine.

Over the years, Anoushka has become another proud exponent of Indian classical music across the world. Twice-nominated for a Grammy Award, Anoushka was in fact the first Indian to perform at the Grammy Awards.

Anoushka also has other creative pursuits, outside of music. In 2002, she authored the book, Bapi: The Love of my Life, a biographical  portrait of her father. She has also served as a columnist for many publications in India. Anoushka has also dabbled in the movies, with her role in the film Dance like a Man, earning her a nomination for the best supporting actress in the prestigious National Film Award.

That’s not all, Anoushka has also been a vocal supporter of animal rights, being associated with PETA. Anoushka is also the Indian ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme.

Anoushka Shankar, a musical genius

She might be the daughter of a legendary sitar maestro, but Anoushka has today carved a niche for herself in world music.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assert that Anoushka has had a role to play in escalating the popularity of Indian classical music on the world stage. Her compositions have explored a cross-over between Indian classical music with other genres like the flamenco, western classical music and jazz, lending a new pulse to world music. Twice-nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award, at 22, Anoushka was the youngest-ever nominee and the first woman nominated in the World Music category.

Her contemporaries across the globe have the nicest things to say about Anoushka’s music, and the reviews that her latest album Traveller has received, only reaffirms the musical genius in her for the world to see.

Why is Anoushka Shankar an mDhil diva?

This sitar diva is the perfect role-model for the modern woman — who cherishes her career, home, and personal time and space — making no compromises. Anoushka might today be a mother to a one year old son, but that hasn’t interfered with her career and vice versa. She has beautifully drawn boundaries, proving that it is very well possible to balance motherhood with an active career. She has just recently concluded a world tour for her latest album, Traveller. And while at it, she is known to have taken her toddler along.

Photograph, the cover of her latest album via the official webpage of Anoushka Shankar.

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