Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 apparently burst into flames, this time in owner's pocket

The Redmi Note 4, one of Xiaomi's top-selling phones in India, is under scanner one more time after it allegedly burst into flames when it was kept in a pocket of a user in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The phone allegedly exploded in the owner's, identified as Bhavana Suryakiran, pocket while he was riding his bike over the weekend. Images doing the rounds of the Internet show a burnt Redmi Note 4, as well as an injured Bhavana, allegedly showing the burnt marks he sustained from it. Xiaomi has already taken note of the situation and is investigating the matter.

"We take such matters seriously as customer safety is of utmost importance for Xiaomi. All of our devices go through stringent quality tests," a Xiaomi spokesperson said in an email statement, adding that the company was now in the process of procuring the damaged unit for further investigation.

According to a report in Sakshi.com, a Telugu news website, Bhavana had purchased the Redmi Note 4 from Flipkart some 20 days ago. The report adds that Bhavana is also looking to take legal action against Xiaomi for selling a defective unit.

This is not the first time that Xiaomi has come under fire for such an issue. Only recently, a video doing the rounds of the Internet seemed to suggest that a phone -- said to be a Redmi Note 4 -- exploded and caught fire as soon as a technician at a shop -- said to be one Poorvika Mobile Store in Bengaluru -- tried to take the SIM tray out to insert the owner's SIM card into it. It was also said that Xiaomi India had failed to pay heed to the issue and that the owner -- one Arjun -- had also gone on to file a formal complaint against the company.

However, Xiaomi India, following an investigation into the matter, then said the video doing the rounds of the Internet had nothing to do with a Redmi Note 4 and that it was fake. Neither was the phone in the video a Redmi Note 4 nor there was any store called Poorvika Mobile Store in the video. It did, however, accept the fact that a Redmi Note 4 did explode in Bengaluru, but not in the way it was being reported.

Xiaomi said that Arjun had purchased a Redmi Note 4 from a Poorvika store in Bengaluru on June 1, 2017. His phone was damaged at his home on July 17, 2017, following which he took the phone to the aforementioned Poorvika store on the same day. The device was taken back almost immediately after being reported as faulty, and it was later found that the mishap happened due to customer-induced damage. Still, Xiaomi India replaced the customer's damaged unit with a brand new Redmi Note 4 on July 24, 2017. The company, in addition, advised customers to only use Xiaomi authorised chargers and accessories. However, according to Xiaomi, someone used the incident to create a fake video, showing that the Redmi Note 4 had exploded and tried to malign the name of the brand.

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