Another Threat Looming on Earth? Radiation Spike Reported in Northern Europe and Arctic Regions, Cause Unknown

Team Latestly

The year 2020 now looks like going through a roller-coaster of disasters. While the world braves on the pandemic of Coronavirus, there are a set of other problems, some natural disasters, some unprecedented ones. Amid the reports of rising temperatures in the Arctic circle, there is another problem of radioactivity spike in Northern Europe. It is indicated if the radiation spike has anything to do with a malfunctioning nuclear power plant in western Russia. But the exact source of what's causing this spike is not known.

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As per reports, nuclear safety officials from Finland, Norway and Sweden informed of increased radioactive isotopes across Scandinavia and some Arctic regions. Dutch authorities indicate it originates from western Russia based on the data. However, Russian news agency TASS reported two nuclear power plants in northwestern Russia haven’t reported any problems. Their plants are "operating normally within radiation levels as per the norms", says Tass. Arctic Circle Oil Spill in Russia: What Caused the Oil Spill? How Long Will It Take to Clean Up the Spill? All FAQs Answered Here (View Pics and Videos).

At this point, the radioactive isotopes are harmless to humans and the environment in parts of southern Scandinavia and the Arctic. But an analysis on them by Dutch agency said, "The radionuclides are artificial, that is to say, they are man-made. The composition of the nuclides may indicate damage to a fuel element in a nuclear power plant." Just last week, record-breaking highest temperatures were seen in the Arctic circle at 38 Degrees Celsius/100 Degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is 20 degrees more than normally expected at this time of the year. It has also resulted in forest fires in the regions around because of the heat. It becomes important to detect the source of the radiation, although harmless at this point. The Arctic regions already have a high temperature and problems of the oil spill.

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