Another son- in- law of ex-CJI K. G. Balakrishnan in the dock

Mail Today

More trouble seems to be brewing for former chief justice of India K. G. Balakrishnan.

Close on the heels of charges against his son- inlaw P. V. Sreenijan, corruption charges have emerged against Balakrishnan’s younger brother K. G. Bhaskaran, a special public prosecutor, and another sonin- law, M. J. Benny.

Already, the state government has launched a probe against Sreenijan for amassing wealth worth crores.

Kerala’s advocate- general Sudhakara Prasad on Tuesday directed Bhaskaran, accused of amassing land, to go on leave or quit as special public prosecutor at the high court.

It is alleged that Bhaskaran purchased 60 acres of plantation in Tamil Nadu in 2005 and 87 cents ( a unit of measurement for land) of land in a village near Kochi in 2010 for ` 40 lakh, which is disproportionate to his known source of income. The real price of the land runs into crores.

Bhaskaran, who has not been attending office for the past one year on health grounds, claimed only the government was competent to take action against him.

Allegations of massive land purchase have also come out against Benny, the husband of Balakrishnan’s daughter Rani.

Benny, a lawyer now practising in Delhi, allegedly purchased nearly an acre of land in Marad, a fast developing centre in Kochi, between 2008 and 2010 for ` 81 lakh. The land was then worth at least Rs 3 crore.

Benny now owns a multistorey house in Marad, besides a fleet of luxury vehicles.

In a related development, noted jurist V. R. Krishna Iyer, who has been demanding a judicial inquiry against the former CJI and his resignation as the NHRC chief, said a former Kerala High Court judge had asked him not to write to the Prime Minister seeking action against Balakrishnan.

Refusing to disclose the name of the judge, Iyer said: “ I hope the PM is reading the news appearing daily on Balakrishnan and his family and he would initiate appropriate action.”