Anoop Koloth – WhiteBoards To Hand Crafted Animations

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From technical whiteboards to handcrafted animations on real driving situations, meet Anoop Koloth, the developer behind the Dottedyellow app.

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They say, “Never lose the opportunity of a crisis,” for Anoop, the pandemic was an opportunity to give back to the community. Based on his spouse's experience in procuring a driver's learner permit, he realized that much more could be done to improvise a new student driver experience.

In particular, during the pandemic and post-pandemic, an aspiring student driver cannot risk failures, to add to appointment delays, or procure one with limited understanding and risk others when the rubber meets the road.

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Added to this, there has been a shift in paradigm to some states moving to no road test. Parents, who are already facing a myriad of challenges contending with working from home, must be able to strike a balance between what children need and their work. This is additional pressure since driving is already the number-one cause of teenage deaths in the United States, according to the National Safety Council.

Given driving is critical to a successful future and the widening of opportunities gained by knowing how to drive well, Anoop decided to close the gap between the rulebook and the road. He curated and designed the Dottedyellow app, handcrafting every road situation as an animation into the app.

The most common source of wrong answers is a misunderstanding of the question.

While most questions are straightforward and clear, correct answers depend on an accurate understanding of the question itself, and the App caters to address the crux of the problem.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to the end-to-end execution towards app launch and has provided more than 192k rule interactions to the app's growing user base.

Undoubtedly, Anoop solved one genuine problem with his expertise. He anticipates that this app will eventually grow, and more and more students will feel confident and drive safely.

Anoop Koloth has been a technologist for more than a decade and is obsessed with customer success. Majorly working on the critical initiatives in e-commerce, he finds time on the weekends to do his part for the community. He has been helping the aspirants to join the industry with mentorship and mock interviews. He is a mentor who helps fellow professionals and colleagues in a technical space with his expertise. Anoop has been recognized for active contributions and participation by other organizations like IEEE, Dzone, Stevie, Globe Awards, and more.

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