Anna Hazare defends public anger, demands tough laws against rapists

Ralegan Sidhi (Maharashtra), Dec. 29 (ANI): Social activist and anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare on Saturday defended the countrywide public outrage against cases of sexual assault on women after the Delhi gang rape incident, and said that the government must introduce tough laws to ensure the punishment of the culprits.

Talking to reporters after the demise of 23-year-old Delhi gang rape victim at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Anna said the nation will never forget this horrific incident.

"Such incidents would not have happened if the government had acted earlier and made strict laws. The government should learn a lesson and introduce strict laws. The people who committed the crime should be hanged till death," said Hazare.

"While making laws, the government should not only include politicians but also women activists, women judges and women working in various fields of the society. They should be appointed to make drafts and only then a strict law can be made. I appeal the nation to maintain peace," he said.

Earlier, on December 24, Hazare had written a letter to the Prime Minister and criticized the government for imposing Section 144 to prevent the demonstrations in Delhi, saying that it was a step to throttle the democratic and constitutional right of the people to protest.

He had also held a march at his native village, Ralegan Siddhi in the solidarity of the nation wide protest against the Delhi gang rape incident. (ANI)